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Fopro Food Products Industry & Trade Co, Inc.a

Camiiserif Mh. Fabrikalar Cd. Antebelli Ishani No:3/55
Mersin, 33060

Tel: +90 533 559 61 72
Fax: +90 324 238 91 02

Contact: S. Cenk Altug, Vice Chairman, Civil Eng.
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Type of Business: Agent/Broker, Exporter
Employees: 20
Year Established: 1995
Annual Sales Volume: $6M to $24M
Harmonized System Codes: SC84

Business Message

FOPRO Food Products Industry & Trade Co, Inc. (FOPRO A.S.) prepares feasibility studies, engineering and technology for food industry and specialising in turnkey projects for Food Industry. FOPRO A.S. designs and construct for overseas projects.
We co-operate with European and Turkish firms to supply and manufacture the machines and equipment. The following items are shows our products.

- Cold Stores.
- Controlled Atmosphere Cold Stores for fruits and vegetables.
- Fruit and vegetable processing plants.
- Freezer stores.
- Fish stores.
- Foodstuff stores.
- Slaughterhouses for cattle and sheep.
- Meat processing and packing machines.
- Packing houses for fruits and vegetables.
- Integrated milk and milk derivatives production plants.
- Fruit juice concentrates manufacturing plants.
- Pasteurised fruit juices manufacturing and filling plants.
- Edible oils extracting and refining plants.
- Modern, fully automatic and hygienic systems for efficient and high yield bread-making plants.
- Potable and drinking water bottling plants.
- Plants for continuous and automatic production of biscuits and chocolates in various forms and assortments.

FOPRO A.S. is offering to be your optimal solution partner; considering the existing and probable variety of products, and their handling, together with her world wide known business partners.
Warehouses cold and/or frozen distribution and/or storage plants. FOPRO A.S. offers complete turnkey solutions for engineering, civil works, construction, cladding, PU panel insulation systems, doors, refrigeration, racking or any choice of combinations of these. Complete fruits-vegetables and freezing plants, pre cooling freezing and storage.
HACCP considered and hygienic. Back to back, drive-in, mobile racking, RF hardware and software. Designed according to your product mix and distribution system, hardware and software solutions.
Gas-tight panel systems, vertical/horizontal insulated sliding doors, air curtains, quick closing roll-up doors; automated ports, thermostatic anti-frost floor mat heaters, dock levellers with shelters for nearly every kind of truck unloaded/loaded. Reporting and control systems, PLC/PC- SCADA solutions.
We offer post harvest cooling solutions with collaboration of experts in every specialised area of concern.
FOPRO A.S. controlled products will lead you in the race from the moment of harvesting to the consumption. Fast pre cooling techniques hydro-cooling, evaporative cooling. U.L.O. and Controlled Atmosphere techniques control of nitrogen, ethylene and oxygen. Humidity and sensitive temperature control. Ripening process. Vacuum cooling for vegetables with large leaves. Dosing of additives in the cold water chilled water washing. Controlled potato stores Sorting and packaging by colour and/or weight. Slaughterhouses, chilled and frozen storage, shock freezing and thawing rooms and techniques. Further processing products, coated and prepared-delicatessen products.
FOPRO A.S. tailored design for carcass and portioned meat chilling, shock freezing considering weight loss, cold injuries and drying.


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